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 Pradeep Jeganathan was born and raised in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where he lives and works, engaged in a variety of intellectual, aesthetic and political projects. His research interests range from subaltern nationalism, to the perpetration of violence and its survival. He has published extensively on these subjects, and is, a co-author of the Encyclopedia Britannica's anchor article on Anthropology. His books, authored or edited include Living With Death (2007), At the Water's Edge (2004), Unmaking the Nation (1995|2009) and Subaltern Studies X1 (2001). He received his undergraduate education at MIT and Harvard, and his doctorate in Anthropology, with distinction, from the University of Chicago. He has held professorial appointments and fellowships at Chicago, Minnesota, The New School, Delhi University and the International Centre for Ethnic Studies.



Out Now!

Unmaking the Nation: The Politics of Identity and History in Modern Sri Lanka (1995 | 2009).

Pradeep Jeganathan & Qadri Ismail (eds.)

Now in a 2nd Edition, with a new preface, and a comprehensive index.

"Stimulating... Excellent..." -- Journal of Asian Studies. 

"Will be of great value to all those concerned with... nationalism [and] violence..." -- Arjun Appadurai.

"...[F]orces us to think about Sri Lankan symbolic and social formations in an entirely novel fashion." -- Gananath Obeyesekere




Pradeep Jeganathan's major research interests include subaltern nationalism and the perpetration of violence and its survival. Minor interests range from archaeological practice, distributed electronic networks and cyberspace to post colonial English literatures.

He has written and edited a number of books, contributed to a number of international conferences, and given keynote addresses, and invited presentations all over the world.

At the Water's Edge, his first work of fiction, was internationally aclaimed, and short listed for Sri Lanka's Gratiaen Prize.

Much of this work has been a collaborative conversation with Malathi de Alwis.

Dr. Pradeep Jeganathan is Professor of Sociology at Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR, India.

He is also an accomplished cook, and photographer, who has authored internationally and nationally published food columns, illustrated with his own photographs. He also maintains a food-photoblog, www.my-halflife.com. His portait photographs have been published widely, most notably as an year long feature in the Nation on Sunday, a major Sri Lankan newspaper.

His wild life photographs are part of the permanent exhibition at the visitor center of the Ruhunu National Park, Yala, Sri Lanka.