The first volume of Domains, (the refereed, scholarly journal of the International Centre for Ethnic Studies, Colombo, Sri Lanka) contains:

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0974883921.jpgKanchana N. Ruwanpura's paper is "Dutiful Daughters, Sacrificing Sons: Female-Headed Households in Eastern Sri Lanka ," and she was, at the time, a Humboldt Research Fellow at the Ludwig Maximilians University ( Munich ) in the the Department of Economics & the Post-Colonial Studies program. She completed her Ph.D at Newnham College , Cambridge in 2001.

Ozren Pupovac is a member of the Department of Sociology, The Open University, Milton Keynes , United Kingdom . His paper is  "The Unconscious of Democracy: Ideological hegemony and nationalism in post-socialist Croatia ."

Ananda Abeysekara’s paper is  “Desecularizing Secularism: Post-secular history, non-juridical justice, & active forgetting .” He is Assistant Professor of Religion at Vir-ginia Polytechnich University , Virginia . He is the author of Colors of the Robe: Religion, Identity, and Difference (2004).

Regi Siriwardena edited Thatched Patio, later re-named Nethra, which he called ‘a non specialist journal for lively minds’ until 2003. A novelist, playwright and poet, he is one of Sri Lanka ’s foremost literary critics. His paper, “Said, the European Novel & Imperialism: A Critique,” is re-collected in Domains One.

Domains is edited by Senior Research Fellow, Pradeep Jeganathan.