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"Is the World Ignoring Sri Lanka‚Äôs Srebrenica?"

In any reasonable use of language, that is historically and politically sensitive, Srebrenica is a code word code for a deliberate civilian massacre, and has been deemed to be genocide, by the International Court of Justice. There were perpetrators and victims in that example; and justice was demanded and obtained. Surely this is not a word to thrown around, because Mackay and Sen Gupta are 'horrified.'

This is an extremely poor comparison, that holds no water or weight, and Macky's qualifications raise questions either about his judgment, or motives. Or is it just that the meaning of "Srebrenica" is being re-made here: it is now to mean, "oh the 'Horror, the Horror'" in the Heart of Darkness, every where, that natives have (re)made, half naked in loin clothes no doubt, after the good white folk left.

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