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Unmaking the Nation: The Politics of Identity and History in Modern Sri Lanka (1995 | 2009).

Pradeep Jeganathan & Qadri Ismail (eds.)

Now in a 2nd Edition, with a new preface, and a comprehensive index.

"Stimulating... Excellent..." -- Journal of Asian Studies. 

"Will be of great value to all those concerned with... nationalism [and] violence..." -- Arjun Appadurai.

"...[F]orces us to think about Sri Lankan symbolic and social formations in an entirely novel fashion." -- Gananath Obeyesekere



Community, Gender & Violence (2002) is XI volume of the subaltern studies project, which evolved into a stunning critique of the limits of disciplinary historiography. A conference in Sri Lanka, that Pradeep helped organize gave rise to this set of essays; the volume builds on older work to take new directions. His chapter examines the epistemologically unstable location of a practice of 'Sinhala Masculinity' in an attempt to map the limits of disciplinary anthropology. He was honored to edit this book, with Partha Chatterjee, a scholar of great distinction.